Dreams that Piss You Off

I won’t go into much detail, but I had rough night of dreams-yes multiple: one about the more aggravating side of family, one about the more aggravating side of my job, disrespectful teens, need for education reform, and that darn Math dream; the one where you are back in high school and you have to take a Math test that you are clueless about. Does everyone have that one? So yeah, a wide net of crazy dreams. Maybe I shouldn’t break my diet and eat ice-cream before bed.

So needless to stay, I’m still a bit pissy over the dreams. Instead of boring someone with my views on these certain topics and start a debate; I decided to put it into my current work in progress.

This burning bile didn’t fit into my current scene so I created a new scene where my two main characters go at each other. This worked out perfectly since one is a solider and the other is a royal. The strange thing is that they were both able to debate and voice their opinions, explaining the validity of their arguments.  In this particular scene their was a winner of words, but still both were able to gain much needed empathy for the other.


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