A True Monster in the Darkness

I have been away, living in the life of my day job filled with talented children, acting out the work of truly talented playwrights, but these last two months have been busy even beyond my normal standards.

I was surprised even though I was at working for numerous 14 hour days that I wasn’t writing. I sent in my manuscript to my editor and I just picked and pecked at my short story that’s due by the end of April. I even worried that I wasn’t interested in writing, but I kept reassuring myself that I was just focusing on my show (it was a great show too).

But there is something else.

We creatives rely on our surroundings and our muses to create, and even if we are all a bit insane, we still need our minds… What if you find out that you may predisposed to a disease that could silence it all? Every time you jumble or search for a word, and you do it often, you wonder if it’s just stress or if it that thing, a true monster in the darkness.

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