Short Story 1st Edit

So I’m working on a short story for an anthology that is due at the end of April. I am on vacation and I gave myself a week to finish the first draft. Happy and surprised me, I finished it yesterday, Wednesday. So today I am beginning my first edit.

The story can only be 5K max. I hoping this doesn’t turn out like my first novel where I started out with 75K and it turned into 110K. Well, that is the task here, not only to write tight but to edit tight as well. I’m sure there are parts of the story that will need punching up (currently play in rehearsal reference), but if I edit tight then I will allow space for those areas that need expanse.

Again the story is due in just over three weeks so I’m going to contact a line editor today to hopefully book a spot on her calendar. Three weeks is me showing how green and/or optimistic I am; I’ll go with optimistic. You should book editors at least three months ahead and even that is cutting it close if the project is larger. We learn through suffering so I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Step 1. Just read it

Step 2. Read it again and if you catch little errors feel free to change them, but the main thing is to start making a list of plot holes and transition issues.

Step 3. Correct the plot holes in order from start to finish.

Step 4. Read it again.


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