Issues with Foreshadowing

Since I’ve been devoting three hours per day to editing, my first round of my editor’s comments on my manuscript have gone much faster than anticipated. I had set aside two weeks, but I have finished them in four days.

After going through his comments and suggestions, I see the difference in edits and rewrites. The majority of my story was fine, but I have three scenes that need to be moved or are a mess.

Tomorrow, I’m going to review my outline and work on rearranging my story to redefine my inciting incident, plot points, and pinch points. However there is another issue that I am concerned about and that is my foreshadowing.

I am writing a horror series, but the antagonist is completely different in book two. In my story there are layers of evil, and the challenge I’m having right now is how many of those layers do I show in book one.

I have written at least three scenes right off the top of my head that have strong foreshadowing for book two. I worry that i’m playing up the book two’s antagonist too much. It has already become a subplot, but I don’t tie up any loose ends by the end of book two. I have even plated a seed for book three or four ( have decided which one it will be yet).

The point is that I believe I’m on the verge of making it too complicated. However, the scenes or, chapters even, that I have written are not wasted because even if I take then out they can be used in future books.

How much foreshadowing is too much?


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