First Novel Launches Today!

Kindle CoverNever turn your back on an open window, that’s rule 1.

Matt Christian is a broken, pill-popping, ex-teacher who sleeps in his car. Following his only lead for a job, he arrives at a secluded mining town in the Kentucky mountains. He quickly discovers that not only is the town full of odd rules, but something lurks in the shadows. There are forces at work holding him against his will as he struggles to keep his sanity and his life. Can he find out what is haunting him in time? Is it the community that surrounds him, the ghosts of the town’s past, or are Matt’s own demons finally laying claim on his soul?

Ghosts of Black Bear Mountain, a paranormal suspense thriller, is the first book in the Middwood series.

Marc Monroe’s work will get inside your mind and twist your dreams with his page turning, “keep you wanting more until the end and even after” debut.

Explore the darkness in Ghosts of the Black Bear Mountain.

A month ago, I published the prologue, With Axes and Hatchets, They Came. Today, I launched my first novel, Ghosts of Black Bear Mountain! I have learned a lot through this process, and I haven’t even had the Launch Party yet. I have a Facebook live tonight (search my author page on Facebook Marcmonroebooks for more information).

I’ve been keeping track of my successes and things I will do differently next time. I’m currently working on a post entitled, “All the Things They Don’t Tell You About Posting Your Novel on Amazon, or They Did, Kindle Coverand I Wasn’t Listening.” I’m hoping to have that up this weekend. Thanks for reading- Marc


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