About Me

Hi. I’m Marc Middlebrooks and I am writing and moving toward becoming an author.  I am also a high school teacher of almost 10 years. Being a teacher is a tough full-time job, but the job gives my life much needed structure. My students have been very supportive of me finishing the first several drafts of my first book.

I am currently writing in three different genres: mystery/horror; fantasy Greek myth; and science-fiction/space opera. As of the end of September 2016 I am wrapping up my final edits on my mystery/horror novel. I hope to be sending my 110,000 manuscript off in the next few days. This story like so many of of other stories was spawned by a dream.

I write first thing in the morning; that is when I find I am most creative and most productive. Since I view writing new words and editing as two separate activities, I can write one project in the early hours and editing a different project throughout the day. I realized I would have to do this in order to attempt to keep up with my ideas.

This needs more work, but I wanted to give a short bit about myself and my love of writing.


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